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Aloha! Greetings, salutations, and welcome to my personal plane of the Internet, Sign CoSign Tangent! My name is Anthony, but you may call me "Tony." Here you will find a collection of content; my writings, audio, pictures, and video, all created and curated by me, covering my abundant points of interest!

One Saturday during a once-in-a-century pandemic while browsing through the big box book store in the Ala Moana shopping center in Honolulu Hawaii, I came upon the book "Kitchen Confidential," by Anthony Bourdain. I picked up the pulp paperback, fanned through its gray-colored pages, and the scent of knowledge filled my nostrils as I began to peruse the iconoclast's story of life working in some of the finest kitchens of New York City. Then, suddenly, I became inspired to invent this place.

I myself have lived a life full of adventure and achievement. I was born and grew up on the most remote landmass on the planet, studied in Europe before the age of 18, went to college on the East Coast, was a prominent contestant on a popular American game show, moved to Los Angeles to pursue (successfully) a career in television and film, before quitting my job to pursue (not quite as successfully) a career in the arena of US Electoral Politics. I've worked for wonderful people and assholes. I've gotten coffee for producers, ferried cameras to directors, fixed a decade's worth of video footage for editors, driven around politicians, and had conversations with their constituents. I've spent time as a professional gambler, sang for tips at a piano bar, hosted an acclaimed podcast, taken one too many improv classes, and from time to time, I drive Uber and Lyft to have conversations with random folks. I've AirBnBed out extra rooms and I've DJed karaoke at celebrity birthday parties. I've personally registered thousands of people to vote and have worshiped at dozens of Christian churches south of the Mason / Dixon line.  

I realized that I have a specific and sharp point of view, and a wide array of interests and am now in possession of a couple of decades of experience exploring all that adulthood has to offer. So with that glimpse into my CV in mind, I would like to invite you to continue visiting this space on the Internet, where you will find all of the narrative tangents my brain has to offer. Who knows where the next tangent will come from and where it will take us? Who would have thought thumbing through a book I didn't bother to buy would lead us here? All the same, please stick around for a while and ruminate with me.

Sign, CoSign, and Tangent.

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