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On my love of the San Francisco 49ers and NFL Football

I was one of the WORST offensive linemen on my middle school football team, so bad in fact, that instead of making the junior varsity squad as a freshman, I was sent back to the intermediate team to play as a 9th grader against the 7th graders.

Okay, truth be told, I didn't hit puberty until I was 16, and I suffered from (psychosomatic) sports-induced asthma, so, it's not like any of that was a massive karmic injustice for me. Though, I do wonder what would have happened if I had gotten my growth spurt at the same time as most of the other boys in my high school, as I currently stand a shade under 6'4" tall and weigh ~220 pounds (after any given week without eating carbs). And now at the age of 39, I will forever regret never having explored any athletic potential.

Also, I must mention I've never pursued sports journalism in any way before. I've never managed a team. I've spent a scant few hours in the locker room, and I freaking hated PE class.

Nor have I ever crunched hours of game tape on NFL players. I went to a Division III sports college in the middle of Central New York, and my awareness of NCAA football is mostly limited to my intense desire to end all Division I programs in favor of professional minor league football. (PAY THE KIDS AND GIVE THEM HEALTHCARE DAMNIT)

My NFL expertise is linked directly to my love of WATCHING the professional sport. Sometimes I watch at home with friends, and many times I'm watching with an alcoholic beverage in hand at my favorite local tavern. On rare occasions, I take in the games at a stadium.

Since 1994 I have been a devoted, obsessive-compulsive fan of the San Francisco 49ers, and it is from this obsession that all of my NFL diatribes over the last 30 years have sprung forth. So everything I write or say about the 49ers or the NFL broadly must be viewed through the lens of a (potentially) emotionally unstable obsessive NFL fan. There will no doubt be bad takes! And I'm going to have to deal with your schadenfreude when you point out to me how bad my takes are. I welcome your scathing tweets the way a flagellant monk would welcome the sting of a knotted leather whip.

One last note: We live in a wonderful age for fanatics of all interests. The Internet has allowed anyone with something to say and the time to post it online to become glorified as a content creator.

In addition to watching NFL games, I have become an obsessive consumer of San Francisco 49ers centric digital content. And there are hundreds of neojournalists whose ideas I have pondered, and in some cases appropriated.

As I continue to write my blogs I will always endeavor to cite my sources, give shout-outs to those whose ideas have inspired me to poke at the keyboard, and post these ramblings.

And before I write any further blogs I want to take this opportunity to thank the folks I can think of who have inspired me to begin recording my thoughts on the 49ers and the NFL here.


Oscar Aparicio, Jason Aponte, Matt Barrows, Eric Branch, Jennifer Lee Chan, Grant Cohn, Jack Hammer, Cam Inman, Tim Kawakami, Ann Killion, Vish Kumaran, David Lombardi, Rob Lowder, Leo Luna, Matt Maiocco, Sam Monson, Nick Newman, Steve Palazzolo, Maverick Pallack, Brian Peacock, Mike Renner, Ronbo Sports, Ryan Sakamoto, Jose Sanchez III, Matt Williamson, and Nick Winkler

(Jeez, that's a lot of dudes....)

I'm sure I am forgetting people so to those who see their work and words in my brain, please reach out and let me know.

Going forward I will be posting prognostications, speculations, feelings, analysis, audio/videos, wishes, and fun observations about my beloved San Francisco 49ers and the greater National Football League in this space.

So please stay tuned! I'm looking forward to filling up the ether with these fonts, noises, and pixels!

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